Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Yes he scored, yes he made the 'u talk too much gesture' and of course he danced.
But his goal and assists were against minnows Niger, a team we as fans of the Blackstars expect to whitewash.


What is it they say in England - 'you are most likely to concede when you have just scored'. I'm not saying they shouldn't celebrate but almost the whole team bar the goalie performing a choreography can't be good for concentration levels and stamina. And also come-on, it's a football team not a dance-troupe. 
In order for Gyan to really silence his critics(myself included) he needs to own the minnows-a là Niger and Ghana's next opponent Cape Verde. When i say 'OWN' i mean Drogba versus the Arsenal defence 'OWNING'. When Gyan comes up against the BIG-BOYS(Ivory Coast) and the pressure is on he needs to stand out and make a difference.

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